Reading is a great hobby to have

"Reading is a great hobby to have" - I was told since born. Yet, I have not picked up reading until I started my own business. 

Why made me wanted to read? I discovered reading after I started my own business. I'm always on the hunt for knowledge, skills, tips, and advice online to improve business, which brought me to reading. It started with casual online reading - news, blog posts, etc. Slowly, through the citation, it evolves into a reading book.

Where did I get my book? I started at the local book store - Popular. For someone who hasn't bought any book, Popular became my first place to treasure hunt. It is quickly proven wrong. Haha. Don't get me wrong, it's a good place, and I still visit Popular once in a while to get the pleasure of discovering exciting new titles and genres. Now, it's no longer my first choice to hunt for business-related materials. 

(to be continued)

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