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Hiring B2B Sales Representatives

In 2016, I'm managing two sales representatives for Softinn. Back then, I was wondering why my sales reps do NOT seem to call their leads and do NOT travel to meet their prospects. I raised that doubt to them, and I'm getting the below reasons: There's no phone call allowance given There's no travelling allowance given Acknowledging that, I quickly made the set allowance clear. It's a mistake of an amateur manager , I do have allowances for them BUT I did not state that clearly! They don't feel secure to actually spend them and file claims. It's better we set a sales quota and also expenses quota for sale reps. Fast forward,  now, we have unlimited phone call subscription for each sales reps and RM 1,000 a month travelling allowance. Again, I notice that the calls made by my sales execs are merely two to three calls a day ! The travelling expenses claimed is less than RM 200 a month (20% of the quota given). That is too low considering each sales


My notes for Hiring Hire "A" player brings "A" results, Hire "B" player brings "B" results. Hire specialist over a generalist Use gmSMART "A" method Source Select with Scorecard Sell Source Use referral and LinkedIn over job portal Ask for referral when your best candidate reject your offer. Good people normally know other good people like themselves Select Before Interview Focus on filter out "C" and "B" players efficiently Get information via email or quick phone call Questions What is your career goal? What are you really good at? What you are not good at? or not interested in doing? During the Interview Start by briefing the candidate that we will go deep to learn more about you BUT towards the end you get the opportunity to ask us questions. Be curious, focus on detail and try to build chronological order of candidate career Questions to build chronological order What are you