Transfer money from Malaysia to Nepal. Malaysia foreign transfer

I recently engage a blogger in Nepal to promote my product on his blog. To pay him, I learn about I tried making the payment, and it went smoothly. Try it if you are looking for ways to make a foreign transfer (Foreign TT) from Malaysia. I will make RM 150 if three users signup using this link, and your first transfer will have zero charges. Signup using this link

Just a Dream?

I had a dream yesterday. Not sure if I should consider it a bad dream, but it's definitely a weird one. I dreamt of strolling the shop lot corridor near my office. While I'm walking to the other end of the shops, my neighbours greeted me as usual. Everyone wears a happy face, talking, doing their daily chores, warm greetings as what used to be a typical day. BUT none of them is wearing a face mask! I felt threatened and confused in my dream. I'm scared. I tried to recall (in my dream) if we have won, the COVID is no longer a threat.  And I woke up to it. Realizing it's a dream, I feel relieved and yet sad. I feel sad because we have yet to win this! Stay safe, everyone!

Reading is a great hobby to have

"Reading is a great hobby to have" - I was told since born. Yet, I have not picked up reading until I started my own business.  Why made me wanted to read? I discovered reading after I started my own business. I'm always on the hunt for knowledge, skills, tips, and advice online to improve business, which brought me to reading. It started with casual online reading - news, blog posts, etc. Slowly, through the citation, it evolves into a reading book. Where did I get my book? I started at the local book store - Popular. For someone who hasn't bought any book, Popular became my first place to treasure hunt. It is quickly proven wrong. Haha. Don't get me wrong, it's a good place, and I still visit Popular once in a while to get the pleasure of discovering exciting new titles and genres. Now, it's no longer my first choice to hunt for business-related materials.  (to be continued)

Interesting Announcements in Microsoft Build 2021

MAUI will be replacing Xamarin. It will seamlessly bring hot reload (like web app) to desktop and mobile app development. The XAML skillsets can be reused in the MAUI development because it's using XAML still. With Blazor, web developers can now build desktop and mobile app using their current skillsets. I believe this is not relevant to Softinn, but it's good to know. I suspect Blazor won't have lots of community builders. It's a tool to entice web developer to use .Net technologies and adopt MAUI. This is big  - .NET 5 is the first step in converging .Net Core and .Net. Then, .NET 6 improves the converged libraries to better performance. So, if Softinn skips the .Net core era and adopt the .Net 5, we will get the performance upgrade while enjoying cross-platform hosting (e.g. hosting on docker, Linux, Amazon etc). Best of all, Microsoft offers tools to assist the upgrade. The  .NET Upgrade Assistant  helps upgrading .Net 4 projects to .Net 5 / .net 6, it's in prev

Code Reference for Xamarin.Form Projects

Xamarin Form code samples I notice many of them (the open-source projects) use PanCakeView FFImageLoading Xamarin Essentials SkiaSharp (for advanced graphics and charts) Bonus: Check out David Ortinau's presentation on how to create really really cool UI on Xamarin

How to Process the Result Returned by NSwagStudio Generated c# Client

Context: OpenAPI v2 endpoints implemented using Swagger C# client generated using NSwagStudio. Using .NET dll framework Basically, we'll need to cast the result to JArray and then cast it to the desired object type. var result = (JArray) bookingClient.GetV1BookingSearchByDateRangeAsync(SearchStartDate, SearchEndDate, 10, 1, "", null).Result; var bookings = result.ToObject<List<BookingViewModel>>(); Please take note that the above only needed if there's no response type declared. For those endpoints with the response type declared, the generated response will not be in JArray. For example, the same code above can be done with the below code which the result is in type IList<BookingViewModel> var result = bookingClient.GetV1BookingSearchByDateRangeAsync(SearchStartDate, SearchEndDate, 10, 1, "", null).Result; Yea, Softinn is developing our API endpoints. This will open up more opportunities moving forward. IF you're a developer and keep t

Some Cool New Programming Libraries

Uno : Build on top of Xamarin to extend cross-platform development beyond mobile. For e.g., an Uno app can be used to target both Web and Android. SkiaSharp : SkiaSharp is a cross-platform 2D graphics API for .NET platforms based on Google's Skia Graphics Library. To draw a vector graphic programmatically. GitKraken : similar to SourceTree