Staff Dismissal

Dismissing employee is one of the act that I don't enjoy. I don't like it because it affects the employee that I'm about to dismiss, both in terms of career and income. But, for the good of both the company and employee, it's must sometime to dismiss an employee who does not meet the expectations. I'm still learning the part - "it's better to tell an employee early than dragging it". Hire slow, fire fast. Should spend more time learning the interviewing skills. It's better to spend my energy on identifying talents and good fit than to work on performance rehabilitation.

Hard to Get along with People who get Agitated Easily

There's this type of people who don't listen but get agitated easily (even on small hiccup).What make it worst is that they don't apologise, even after learning they were wrong.

Would You Tolerate Someone who Throw Their Anger at You?

Would you tolerate? Tolerate someone who keep throwing their anger at you?

Added a new domain collection for Softinn

Notice the trend of homestay using the name Hom2Stay recently and we decided to buy

There's nothing in the page now, most of the contents link you to

Hate People who Makes a big Fuss About Food

I hate people who make a big fuss about food. Wasting too much time arguing just what food to take to an extent they need to argue about it.

Made the Right Decision

Made the right decision to spend my holiday bringing my parents to Universal Studio Singapore. Hesitated at first to buy the Express lane tix but it's all worth it, they enjoyed it. They enkoy the Transformer ride the most.
Thanks to the book "The Code of Extraordinary Mind" written by Vichen Lakhiani, it helps me rediscover the purpose of working hard and the "real goals" of my life.

Life is full of uncertainties. Visited Uncle Tommy at Singapore at a nursing centre. Would like to thank him for helping my family while my father needed treatment in the 1990s. It's our turn returning the favour. Get well soon! Like what you told us, you have made a deal with grandma and grandpa.

House is on Fire

House is on fire. We put down the fire first then only think how the house caught fire and then prevent it in the future.

Don't do the blame game while others are trying to put down the fire.