Discovered the Tools to Business Success - Excel Power Query

Discovered recently that super tool to analyze my business - Excel Power Query.Would be able to generate business reports which helps in discovering insights.

Don't Play Not to Lose but Play to Win

Heard this on the radio that resonates. To win and be successful, we must Play to Win.

No football team win a championship by Playing Not to Lose.

Having the mindset of Playing to Win allows us to make mistakes and take risks.

Life is Short. Don't Waste it

Life is Short and Fragile, Don't Waste it.

Generation that Asked Too Much

We live in a generation that asked for too much (or at least pushing the limit). And I'm one of them.

We wanted to work for a boss who is inspirational, motivating and fun to work with. He would cheer us up and motivates us while things didn't work and then get his hands dirty to help get the job done. He would be the cheerleader to keep the morale in the company check. If he asked me to do something that I don't know how to do it, he will need to bear the cost to train me. He would need to issue big pay cheque because he is da boss and I need that money!

Try change the context. If I'm hiring a maid for cleaning for my house, I'm essentially da boss. There's NO way that I will want to cheer them up to just to perform the duty, their job is to clean the house. And if my maid didn't get the job done, there's HELL NO WAY that I will get my hands dirty to clean the house for her and then still need to cheer her up saying "well, try again next time, you…


As a leader, when you decide on where to go, some will said that you did not consult them before you decide. You act like dictator.As a leader, when you ask where to go before you decide, most won't give you an opinion and worst they will say our leader has no idea where to go next. You act like a clueless leader.So, a good leader ask and guide towards the answer. Lead them to answer where we want to go as like follower found and discover it themself.

Skills Needed to Excel in Startup

I think the below skills are needed to excel or to jive in my company

AdaptabilityCuriosityAbility to Learn Fast