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How to Host ClickOnce Installer on GitHub

This is a guide on how to deploy a ClickOnce installer on GitHub Pages, it's an updated version based on the previous work done by RefactorsaurusRex.
Here are the steps needed Create a GitHub PagesIn the GitHub Pages create an "Installer" folder.Create a .gitattributes file in the "Installer" folder. Add the following codes to the file*.manifest binary*.application binary*.deploy binary*  -textGet the URL of the "Installer" folder on your GitHub pages, it will be used later as the "Installation Folder URL". It should look something like{your-account-name}/{your-repo-name}/gh-pages/Installer/Switch to Visual Studio > Build. Follow this video guide to publish your ClickOnce application. Use the "Installation Folder URL" you get in step 3 as the Update Location & Installation Folder URL. Refer to the screenshots below.Copy and paste the published application to your GitHub Pages - "Installe…