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WIT Penang 2023

Here are the notes taken for attending WIT Penang 2023. Here are the travel indies attending the event: Part One - "Things-to-do" Segment Most users refer to tours and activities as "Things to do". Thanks to Google. People over 40 search for "things to do" upon arrival and on-trip. People younger than 40 search and plan for "things to do" before the trip. Why? Because they want to squeeze in as many attractions/cafes/locations as possible to get lovely photos (for their Instagram, TikTok posts) Because of the above, there's a demand for Things-to-do booking engine. Who influences their choice? KOL. KOL stands for key-opinion-leader; they're influencers. KOL has outperformed Google Ads in attracting bookings because customers look for opportunities to take photos and videos (mimicking KOLs).  Types of tours and activities Attractions - lego land, zoo tickets, circus, etc. Entrances with a ticket/passes. No assistance. Tours - jungle tracki