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Money Plant 2020 Feb

Started growing money plants. 

How to Remove Certain URL Page from Google Analytics View

Say you have a web application in which some of the paths are accessible to the public. So, you can analyze only the user behavior of the logged in users. In your Google Analytics, you wish to analyze only the traffic that does not include the public accessible URL Here's how you can exclude certain url path or directory from your Google Analytics view. Google Analytics > Admin Go to the View > Filters Add the subdirectory or path that you wish to exclude. Use the "Verify" to test your filter.

Google Analytics - Exclude Query Parameters from Hubspot

By default, Google Analytics recognizes each page with different query parameters as a different page. Hubspot automatically injects query parameters to our website. To view the page as the same page on Google Analytics regardless of the query parameters (injected by Hubspot), the following setting is needed. On Google Analytics Google Analytics > Admin Navigate to the View section Add the following parameters into the  Exclude URL Query Parameters field. Here are the parameters hsa_cam, hsa_grp, hsa_mt, hsa_src, hsa_ad, hsa_acc, hsa_net, hsa_kw, utm_term, hsa_tgt, utm_campaign, utm_source, utm_medium, hsa_ver,__hssc, __hstc, hsCtaTracking, _hsenc, _hsmi, hss_channel, The above steps can be used to also filter out other query parameters. Here's my list of query parameters from other sources. Do also take notes that filtering out these parameters will get your GA view to strip out these data. Tidy up the view and