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What Drive me Moving Forward?

After university, my life to date can be divided into three phases: Self Discovery Before I completed my degree, I followed the route where many do - go to primary school, secondary school and then to university. The only choice I made is which major I study. Right after I graduated from university, I found myself at a juncture in life where I need to carve my own path moving forward. I need to be my own trailblazer. To work or to continue a master degree? If I choose to work, which industry and which department? I found this stage of life exciting and yet insecure. The insecurity came from the uncertainties. I decided to work as an engineer in an MNC (Infineon) to start my career. I wasn't sure if that is what I wanted. I seized every opportunity to try new things, volunteered to take more roles and responsibilities. During this period, I found I love building solutions that solve problems. Strive for My Personal Goal I always wanted to feel useful and neede