What Drive me Moving Forward?

After university, my life to date can be divided into three phases:

Self Discovery

Before I completed my degree, I followed the route where many do - go to primary school, secondary school and then to university. The only choice I made is which major I study.

Right after I graduated from university, I found myself at a juncture in life where I need to carve my own path moving forward. I need to be my own trailblazer. To work or to continue a master degree? If I choose to work, which industry and which department?

I found this stage of life exciting and yet insecure. The insecurity came from the uncertainties.

I decided to work as an engineer in an MNC (Infineon) to start my career. I wasn't sure if that is what I wanted. I seized every opportunity to try new things, volunteered to take more roles and responsibilities. During this period, I found I love building solutions that solve problems.

Strive for My Personal Goal

I always wanted to feel useful and needed, especially to my family and my girlfriend (now wife). I knew that I will be proud of myself if I can provide and fulfill every dream they had (e.g. travel overseas, luxury dinner on special occasions, a house of our own etc).

At this stage, my goal is to make a lot of money so I can provide. Now, I have a house of my own, a business and doing okay financially. At the hindsight, I was too impatient. It's not easy to be successful and financially well the next day, it takes time and efforts. But don't get me wrong, I'm glad that I stressed myself enough because that drove me to work very hard those days.

What's Next?

The reason that I wrote this note for myself was that I discovered, this morning, that I've been floating in the last one year. 

After reaching my first personal goal - being able to make enough money, I wasn't working as crazy as like I used to be. Don't get me wrong, I'm motivated to go to work because I'm doing what I love to do. What I meant is that I lost the "extra push" to go extra miles at the things I do.

I think I'm on Self Discovery mode again. I have some thought on it and I have come to this (on what motivates me) - the success of the people around me. I wasn't sure yet. But now, I'm gonna go on an exciting and yet insecure journey. I might got hurt but let's see.

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