My notes for Hiring

  • Hire "A" player brings "A" results, Hire "B" player brings "B" results.
  • Hire specialist over a generalist
  • Use gmSMART "A" method
    • Source
    • Select
    • with Scorecard
    • Sell
  • Source
    • Use referral and LinkedIn over job portal
    • Ask for referral when your best candidate reject your offer. Good people normally know other good people like themselves
  • Select
    • Before Interview
      • Focus on filter out "C" and "B" players efficiently
      • Get information via email or quick phone call
      • Questions
        • What is your career goal?
        • What are you really good at?
        • What you are not good at? or not interested in doing?
    • During the Interview
      • Start by briefing the candidate that we will go deep to learn more about you BUT towards the end you get the opportunity to ask us questions.
      • Be curious, focus on detail and try to build chronological order of candidate career
      • Questions to build chronological order
        • What are you hired to do (in your previous company)?
        • What is your proudest accomplishment?
        • What is your lowest point?
        • Why you leave?
      • Last questions
        • Who is your last 3 bosses? How they will rate your performance?
    • After the Interview
      • Make call reference to the last 3 bosses. Look for enthusiasm. Take their comments with a grain of salt.
  • Scorecard
    • The scorecard must have 3 components:
    • Mission
      • The mission of the job
    • Outcomes
      • Measurable outcomes of the job
    • Competencies
      • Key competencies of the candidate needed to excel
      • Competencies to evaluate
        • Efficiency
        • Integrity
        • Organisation & Planning
        • Aggressiveness
        • Follow through
        • Intelligence
        • Attention to detail
        • Persistence
        • Proactive
        • Ability to hire "A" player (for manager position)
        • Ability to coach "A" player (for manager position)
  • Planning before the interview
    • Get the scorecard ready before posting the job openings
    • Send "Select" questions and then filter "C" players
    • Arrange for interview
    • Build Q&A plans based on the competencies you are evaluating. Good cycle
      • Start with his/her first job
        • What are you hired to do...
        • What is your proudest accomplishment...
        • ... similar to the questions mentioned above
      • Then ask the "killer" questions that lead you to have an understanding of the competencies you are evaluating. Refer to "How to conduct Interview"


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