Node JS x Angular x ElectronJs

NodeJS is built for Javascript programmers. With NodeJS, we can call OS native API (e.g. create a new folder) on OS. It's popular among web developers since most of them familiar with Javascript and with NodeJS, they may deploy their code on server, it's platform agnostic. For now, NodeJS works on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Good crash course on Angular.

For those who come from AngularJS, you will find a new file named Angular.json in your project. Here's how to read it.

On the Windows and NodeJS environment, I've tried using ffi to call hardware library (DLL files) functions, I believe it's not ready for production usage. Two reasons, first, it's hard to debug; second, we will need to manage the client environment if we decided to deploy the app for production usage. Such a setup required too many environments configuration. For example, 32bit vs 64bit, library data structure, and memory management.

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