Salesperson Know What They Sell, and They Sell What They Know

Salesperson Know What They Sell, and They Sell What They Know. Product knowledge is super important for a salesperson.

How we train a salesperson on product knowledge?

  1. Get them to sit next to customer service. Customer service normally has good product knowledge and they know what the customers likes and hates.
  2. For a newcomer, get them to join the sales meeting. Sit in listening to a senior presenting
  3. Give them assignments that they record video presentations to your assignment. Assignments can range from common use cases to weirdest requests. Do team review together. Have fun and learn together.
  4. Roleplay. Get the best salesperson in certain customer segments or certain products to do role play in his presentation. The others will learn a lot.
  5. Pair presentation. Bring product engineer along to customer presentation. Let the product engineer helps in solving customer request and the salesperson will also learn along the way.

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