Interesting Announcements in Microsoft Build 2021

MAUI will be replacing Xamarin. It will seamlessly bring hot reload (like web app) to desktop and mobile app development. The XAML skillsets can be reused in the MAUI development because it's using XAML still.

With Blazor, web developers can now build desktop and mobile app using their current skillsets. I believe this is not relevant to Softinn, but it's good to know. I suspect Blazor won't have lots of community builders. It's a tool to entice web developer to use .Net technologies and adopt MAUI.

This is big - .NET 5 is the first step in converging .Net Core and .Net. Then, .NET 6 improves the converged libraries to better performance. So, if Softinn skips the .Net core era and adopt the .Net 5, we will get the performance upgrade while enjoying cross-platform hosting (e.g. hosting on docker, Linux, Amazon etc). Best of all, Microsoft offers tools to assist the upgrade.

The .NET Upgrade Assistant helps upgrading .Net 4 projects to .Net 5 / .net 6, it's in preview now.

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